Water Supply Application

All new applications must be submitted together with a copy of the following documents :-

  • Identity card
  • Land title OR Sale & Purchase Agreement OR Temporary Occupation Lease OR any other documents which can show proof of ownership
  • Occupation permit

The owner must engage a licensed Pipe Fitter to carry out the internal plumbing works.

The owner must sign an Agreement for a Supply of Water.

Collateral deposit to be collected

Domestic RM60.00
Domestic/Commercial RM150.00
Commercial RM360.00
Industrial RM450.00 or 3 months consumption whichever is higher


Installation Fees

Residential RM520.00+GST 0%  per unit
Shoplot (Multi-Storey) RM740.00+GST 0%  per storey
Internal plumbing inspection fee RM50.00+GST 0%
Others To be computed individually



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